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At SFI our daily concern is to provide “Quality Service” for our customers. Without customers, we cannot hope to provide modern terminal facilities, the latest and best equipment, and good opportunities for our employees and contractors.


We recognize, however, an even higher responsibility for the safety of our employees, our contractors, our customers and our fellow citizens with whom we share the road.


To fulfill these responsibilities, we will use care in the selection of employees and drivers. We will provide training programs and hold safety meetings. We will schedule our equipment for preventative maintenance, and adhere to the hours of service rules. We will operate within the laws and regulations of the agencies with which we are governed by.


We are committed to a program with an emphasis on Quality and Safety, in both the service we provide our customers and in the work our employees provide in support of our operation. Quality and Safety is a team effort that is necessary to be successful.


At SFI service, safety and quality have equal emphasis and importance.

Please contact or call 713-676-1785

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